EPI Supports Booming Outdoor Industry

Elkhart Plastics (EPI) is using its expertise in rotomolding to supply the thriving outdoor recreation industry this summer.

Travel experts are reporting that the way Americans spend their weekends and vacations is shifting due to COVID-19. Instead of hopping on planes, we’re turning to road trips, and we’re finding more ways to stay adventurous and entertained in our own backyards.

What many don’t realize is, as a rotational molder, Elkhart Plastics plays a huge role in this industry. Large hollow plastic parts manufactured using the rotomolding process are foundational to many products that are flying off the shelves in both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores.

MarineFloating Dock & Kayak Launch

For those living in certain parts of the country, lakes, rivers, and oceans have become even more of a preferred spot to spend evenings and weekends. It’s a great way to get fresh air, enjoy the outdoors, and get some exercise while social distancing. EPI is involved in several facets of the marine industry.

Recreational Vehicles (RV)

Elkhart Plastics works with several RV manufacturers across the country to supply the holding tanks, water tanks, and liners used to build RVs. This form of travel is growing in popularity as people become eager to get away from home but aren’t comfortable with the risks associated with air travel.

Tropical Teal KONG CoolersCoolers

Whether you’re hitting the road or the water, you need something to keep your food and drinks cold. Elkhart Plastics manufactures several styles of insulated coolers for customers across the country. We also make and sell our own brand of premium KONG Coolers that are guaranteed to retain ice for up to 10 days. Custom and bulk ordering options are available for coolers.

Vehicle StorageSUV Cargo Caddy

Security is a concern for those locking up their valuables in their vehicle at the trailhead, campground, or boat launch. Elkhart Plastics’ SUV Cargo Caddy offers a solution for secure, organized, and easy storage in the back of your vehicle.

“As the summer continues to ramp up, we’re pleased to help the outdoor industry provide people with recreational products that contribute to fun summer activities that are still possible during social distancing,” says Jack Welter, CEO of EPI. “We look forward to continuing to meet our customers’ needs through the season.”

If you are in need of a rotational molding partner, we are accepting new business. Additionally, if you’re interested in learning more about one of the products mentioned above, please browse our website or contact us.