Plastics are an integral part of life in today’s world. The plastics industry has evolved in a relatively short time frame and today’s plastic parts are built for durability, safety, and more. Elkhart Plastics typically finds that clients often convert to plastic for their needs once we explore the benefits with them.

Parts made from rotomolded plastic offer advantages over other materials such as fiberglass, steel, or wood.

Rotomolded plastic parts:

  • Can have varying wall thicknesses, depending on part specifications
  • Plastic parts can stand up to environmental conditions such as wind and water
  • Rotomolding molds are made quickly and cost-effectively, enabling the customer to do prototypes or short production runs
  • Can offer you cost benefits over producing the part from fiberglass, steel, or wood
  • Can include molded-in features such as handles, recesses, inserts, and more

Whether your part is large or small, you might want to consider converting it to plastic. Contact us today for a consultation. We’ll talk about what we can do for you.