Did you know that Elkhart Plastics makes more than 250,000 plastic water tanks and plastic holding tanks for local and national Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers every year?  With on-site mold building, engineering staff, and hundreds of water and holding tank molds to choose from, our Elkhart Plastics division is a full-service provider to manufacturers of RV’s all across the country.

Plastic holding tanks are one of our specialties.  Check out some of our standard sizes, capacities, and dimensions below.

0 – 20 Gallon Holding Tanks (PDF)

21 – 25 Gallon Holding Tanks (PDF)

26 – 30 Gallon Holding Tanks (PDF)

31 – 35 Gallon Holding Tanks (PDF)

36 – 40 Gallon Holding Tanks (PDF)

41 – 45 Gallon Holding Tanks (PDF)

46 – 50 Gallon Holding Tanks (PDF)

51 – 60 Gallon Holding Tanks (PDF)

60+ Gallon Holding Tanks (PDF)

The Right Manufacturer for Plastic Holding Tanks

The engineers at Elkhart Plastics can help you design plastic holding tank units from scratch or help you modify an existing design. We are an American company that provides the highest quality rotational molded plastic holding tanks. With our large capacity for production and multiple locations across North America, Elkhart Plastics can help you accomplish your goals.

Experienced in the RV Industry

Since our company opened in 1988, Elkhart Plastics has supplied the RV industry with top quality rotomolded plastic holding tanks and water tanks. We manufacture approximately 250,000 to 300,000 tanks each year for the RV industry.  In addition to our work with plastic holding tanks, we also produce plastic water tanks, compartment liners, and other products for the RV industry.

Services & Equipment

This product is manufactured in our Elkhart and Ridgefield plants.

Elkhart Plastics, Inc. performs the following services for plastic holding tanks:

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Please note: We are a manufacturer primarily serving OEMs. We do not provide individual products to consumers. 

Plastic Holding Tank Detail