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Rotational Molded Marine Products

Rotomolded Marine Furniture

Since our company opened in 1988, Elkhart Plastics has been creating quality marine furniture for a variety of applications. We are one of the top rotational molders for marine furniture, making 300,000+ pieces per year for boat OEMs across the country.

The Right Manufacturer for Boat Furniture

With our large capacity for production and multiple manufacturing locations across the country, Elkhart Plastics is the ideal partner for your furniture. As an experienced rotomolder with vast experience in the marine industry, we can work with you to create a design from scratch to fit your application, or we can modify an existing design to work for rotomolding. We also specialize in product conversion to help customers in the marine space save time and money by converting to rotomolding.

Pontoon Seating

Rotomolded pontoon seating can incorporate just about any shape or size boat layout. From bow seating to chaise lounges to straight or radius benches, rotomolded plastic parts can offer flexible and cost effective solutions. In addition, rotomolded pontoon seating offers one-piece construction in a product that is designed to withstand the elements for the lifetime of the boat.

Captain Stands & Helm Stands

Elkhart Plastics creates several captain stands and helm stands for customers. Many boat OEMs prefer rotomolding over fiberglass for helm stand production to reduce cost in the manufacturing process.

More Marine Products

In addition to pontoon seating, captain stands, and helm stands, Elkhart Plastics manufactures bucket chairs, livewells, tables, and coolers for boats. We also manufacture a variety of floating docks.

Rotational Molded Floating Dock system