The engineers at Elkhart Plastics can help you design a plastic pallet to best fit your application or process. Our high quality, rotationally-molded plastic components are designed for the agriculture, chemical, food processing, and material handling industries. Our continued research into new technologies, materials, and processes makes us the best fit for your pallet needs.

The Right Manufacturer for Plastic Pallets

We are an American company that provides the highest quality rotational molded plastic pallets. With our large capacity for production and multiple locations across North America, Elkhart Plastics, Inc. can help you accomplish your goals.

Elkhart Plastics manufactures custom rotomolded solid-wall pallets providing material handling solutions in both standard and custom designs for a variety of markets such as printing, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, food processing, food, and chemical. With or without optional steel-reinforcements, our plastic pallets are the best alternative to pallets made of wood and other plastics.

Solid-wall and steel-reinforced pallets made from rotomolded plastic by Elkhart Plastics offer several advantages:

  • Low volume production as well as high volume runs of 500+
  • In-house tooling – lower your production cost
  • Environmentally friendly – much longer life and can be recycled at the end of their service life
  • Large range of colors – coordinate product to location or closed loop shipping
  • Sanitary – FDA-compliant food-grade resins are available for food and pharmaceutical uses
  • Multiple manufacturing locations – lower freight costs
  • Functional – washable, reusable, rackable, and stackable
  • Durable – polyethylene material offers a lifespan of more than 10 years
  • Superior construction – solid-wall construction is impact resistant
  • Customizable –flat top and raised lip designs available, optional steel reinforcement
  • Versatile – easily handled with four-way forklifts and pallet jacks

Experienced in the Agriculture, Chemical, Food Processing &  Material Handling Industries

Since our company opened in 1988, Elkhart Plastics, Inc. has engineered and manufactured a variety of plastic pallets for the agriculture, chemical, food processing, and material handling industries. In addition to rotationally molding the plastic pallets, we also provide customized secondary assembly services.

Services & Equipment

This product is manufactured in our Middlebury, Littleton, and Ridgefield plants.

Elkhart Plastics, Inc. performs the following services for plastic pallets:

Elkhart Plastics, Inc. engineers and manufactures plastic pallets