Employees in Elkhart Plastics, Inc.’s (EPI) Ridgefield, Wash., plant are sharing why they love working for the company and in the manufacturing industry.

A video recently published by Workforce Southwest Washington highlights Elkhart Plastics employees and staff from several other manufacturing companies in Southwest Washington. Throughout the video, workers share what they love most about their jobs.

“I was driving to work last week and was smiling on the way to work, which I hear is kind of a rare thing, Ron Sorensen, Safety & Training Coordinator at EPI, says. “I really enjoy working in this field. It’s probably what’s kept me here for so long. It’s a rewarding thing, especially going through and just seeing that all the different things we’ve made here are out in the real world.”

“We’re always smiling, and we make each other laugh,” Aaron Evans, Detailer at EPI, says. “We come to work, and we work hard. It’s a great thing to have.”

Evans says that his coworkers have become his friends, and they treat each other like family.

Advantages of Working in Manufacturing

The video draws attention to many reasons why manufacturing is a viable career path for professionals at all levels with various skill sets. Manufacturing employees mention the following as a few reasons why pursuing a career in the field makes sense.

  • The work environment is exciting and fast-paced.
  • Projects require strategic thinking and advanced skill sets.
  • New opportunities and challenges are presented every day.
  • Manufacturing is a growing industry.
  • Opportunities for advancement are prevalent.
  • Several departments equate to a variety of available opportunities.

The points listed above are only a few of the reasons why a career path at a manufacturing company like EPI is worth exploring.

Could EPI Be Your Next Employer?

Awarded as a favorite place to work in 2016, EPI fosters an inviting atmosphere and a culture of hard work and shared success.  

“We’re dedicated to the success of employees in all positions,” Jack Welter, CEO of EPI, says. “Whether you’re working in production, inventory, or in the corporate office, everyone is playing an important part and contributing to the end goal, which is delivering quality products and service to our customers.”

In addition to prioritizing a collaborative and friendly culture, EPI offers competitive pay and a strong benefits package. To learn more and to view job openings at EPI’s plants click here.

EPI headquarters are located in South Bend, Ind., and has other locations in Elkhart, Ind.; Middlebury, Ind.; Littleton, Colo.; and Ridgefield, Wash. Additionally, EPI has recently acquired a sixth location in Atlantic, Iowa.