Elkhart Plastics, Inc. (Elkhart Plastics) is excited to announce its partnership with Figuro3D, a 3D digital imaging company located in South Bend, Ind., where Elkhart Plastics is headquartered.

Figuro3D, a company started by a team of University of Notre Dame faculty scientists, makes 3D scanners optimized for speed, ease of use and cost effectiveness to accelerate manufacturing quality control procedures. In August 2017, Figuro3D became an Elevate Ventures High-Potential Startup Grant (HPSG) recipient. The HPSG program is pre-seed funding up to $25,000 awarded to high-potential startups in regions where communities have invested in entrepreneurism through partnerships such as Startup South Bend-Elkhart.

The partnership between Elkhart Plastics and Figuro3D came about after Elevate Ventures provided Figuro3D the opportunity to present their technology to local CFOs at Notre Dame’s IDEA Center, a meeting that Elkhart Plastics also attended. After the event, these companies held a separate meeting and concluded Figuro3D’s technology capabilities matched up with Elkhart Plastics’ applications. Both companies are preparing for a mutually beneficial arrangement.

“Having a partnership with Elkhart Plastics allows us to have a deeper understanding of their needs and allows us to focus our development efforts.  Without this partnership, we are essentially making educated guesses on what a customer will ultimately want,” said Robert Kuang, Figuro3D COO. “We are excited to test our prototypes outside of a controlled environment. Feedback from this type of testing helps us to identify and make changes faster, speeding up the development process.”

“Elkhart Plastics’ leadership looks forward to our team partnering with Figuro3D to develop meaningful solutions to both improve our business process as well as create a solid base for Figuro3D to grow their technology,” said Jon Wyngarden, Elkhart Plastics CFO.

Additionally, Wyngarden says Elkhart Plastics is thrilled to support local entrepreneurs who are committed to driving innovation in South Bend.

More information is available here.


About Elkhart Plastics

Elkhart Plastics, Inc. is a 30-year-old, privately held American company. One of the largest custom rotational molding companies in the United States, Elkhart Plastics has five plants and more than 600 employees nationwide. Understanding that application drives design, their experience and knowledge can create unique parts using the rotomolding process in addition to producing a number of proprietary items. For more information about Elkhart Plastics, Inc., visit www.epi-roto.com.


About Figuro3D

Figuro3D makes cost effective scanners that integrate multiple point clouds from cutting edge time of flight sensors with high resolution camera images to capture high dimensionally accurate 3D object files; via patented software algorithms and proprietary hardware. The scanners can be networked into a scanner array for custom component shapes and sizes allowing nearly instantaneous full object capture. Figuro3D scanning products are complemented by a number of customizable software components and project specific engineering support services. Learn more about Figuro3D at figuro3d.com.


About Elevate Ventures

Elevate Ventures is a private venture development organization that nurtures and develops emerging and existing high-growth businesses into high-performing, Indiana-based companies. Elevate Ventures accomplishes this by providing access to capital, rigorous business analysis and robust advisory services that connect companies with the right mix of resources businesses need to succeed long-term. Learn more about Elevate Ventures at elevateventures.com.