Rotational Molding Secondary Assembly | Elkhart Plastics

Adding Value to Your Rotomolded Parts

Our secondary assembly abilities are extensive. Our fixtures are made in-house, and if required we can custom design and build the equipment needed for your product. Elkhart Plastics is committed to innovation, using robotic automation and top-line machinery where appropriate.

Secondary assembly can include but is not limited to:

  • Production data tracking
  • Drilling and routing openings using CNC routers
  • Thermally welding fittings and other hardware
  • Applying colorful graphics
  • Foaming station for insulation or structural support
  • Assembling parts
  • Checking fixtures
  • Inventory control
  • Custom packaging

No matter how simple or complex your secondary requirements, we’re here to get your part as close to finished as possible.

Rotational Molding Post Mold Part Tirming and Assemble Options