Elkhart Plastics’ Residential Carts are uniquely designed and manufactured in America to improve safety and performance. Our residential carts offer durability, curb appeal, high performance against extreme weather, and years of trouble-free service.

Elkhart Plastics offers 35, 60, and 95 gallon Residential Carts with a one year limited warranty.

Elkhart Plastics Cart Details

  • Tough lightweight carts made with MDPE resins
  • Designed to withstand -40 degree weather
  • Single piece design with seamless leak proof protection
  • Optional installed metal lift bar optimized to fit both automated and rear truck loading


  • Option to add custom graphics like logos, contact information, and identification numbers
  • Available in a variety of standard or custom colors
  • Large handles allow for ease when handling carts

Manufactured in Superior Facilities

Elkhart Plastics’ manufacturing locations are known for their cleanliness and organization. All Residential Carts are manufactured in the U.S. in an ISO 9001:2015 Certified facility. Fittings and components are also manufactured in America.

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Made in USA | ISO 9001:2015

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