Tuff Stack Pro™ Heavyweight Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs)
Rotational Molded TUFF Stack Pro Heavy Weight IBC

IBC Heavyweight – 428 kPa Poly Totes

The newest IBC design from Elkhart Plastics, the Tuff Stack PRO Heavyweight offers an inner cylindrical tank positioned within a heavy-duty all-poly structural frame. The new design is available in two sizes and a variety of base colors. This tank is designed and tested for 1.9 S.G. product weight.

Manufactured in Superior Facilities

Tuff Stack Pro Heavyweight IBCs are manufactured in Elkhart Plastics facilities known for cleanliness and organization. All tanks are made in ISO-certified facilities, and fitting and components are made in America. You can depend on us for high-quality IBCs.

Size & Design Options

Elkhart Plastics offers a variety of standard or custom colors. We also provide customers the option to add custom graphics like logos, contact information, and identification numbers to the IBCs. Three different tank models and sizes are available.

275 gallon

46L x 46W x 62H

Tare WT 372 lbs.

330 gallon

46L x 46W x 70H

Tare WT 396 lbs.

Other Tuff Series IBCs

TUFF Stack Pro Heavy Weight IBC - Top fittings view
TUFF Stack Pro Heavy Weight IBC - Dog house fitting connections

Tuff Stack Pro Heavyweight IBC Advantages

  • Inner cylindrical tank positioned within heavy-duty all poly structural frame
  • Sloped bottom drain designed for complete product drainage
  • Four-way forklift with built-in anti-teeter design and two-way pallet jack access
  • 2” vented fitting included on every IBC tank
  • (3) 2” NPS replaceable accessory fittings on top
  • 2” Tuff LinQ™ stubby valve with male cam-lock
  • Optional heavy-duty top S/S lifting package that collapse within top protector frame
  • Optional design without a bottom outlet valve
  • UN/DOT Certified, Title 49 UN31H1 – 1.9 S.G for P.G. II, 428 kPa/62 PSIG testing pressure
  • Molded-in volume markers
  • Standard blue base color—variety of base colors available to coordinate your products or locations
  • Stackable two to three high depending on height, weights, and temperature exposure.
  • Stacks easily with other Poly IBCs
  • Tamper evident bolts with large 3/16” hole
  • HDPE material, FDA approved prime virgin resin


New Outlet Valve for Elkhart Plastics’ TUFF Series IBCs

  • Cleanable and supreme sealing design
  • The improved sanitary connection between the tank and the valve
  • Large external threading design eliminates internal threads within the product zone
  • U.S. Patent 11,713,238
TUFF LinQ IBC value