Environmental Stewardship | About Elkhart Plastics

Environmental Stewardship

We prioritize and initiate efforts to maintain and improve our global, national, and local communities.

Global Efforts

  • We participate in national recycling efforts with significant capital investment to increase recycling capabilities.
  • We invest in continued training, research, and design toward a circular economy.
  • We’re part of environmentally-focused associations.
  • We minimize our footprint by localizing material and component sources.

National Efforts

  • We provide hundreds of U.S. jobs, and we invest in high-quality U.S. manufacturing.
  • We’re focused on continued reshore efforts to expand our workforce demand into other US jobs.

Local Efforts

  • We hire locally, providing hundreds of jobs in the communities we operate.
  • We support numerous local organizations through donations and sponsorships.
Environmental Stewardship