Diesel fuel tanks are molded using cross-linked high density polyethylene or medium density polyethylene. They are used in a variety of applications such as construction equipment, tractors, commercial vehicles, generators, and more.

The Right Manufacturer for Diesel Fuel Tanks

The engineers at Elkhart Plastics can help you design diesel fuel tank units from scratch or help you modify an existing design. We are an American company that provides the highest quality, rotationally molded plastic diesel fuel tanks. With our large capacity for production and multiple locations across North America, Elkhart Plastics can help you accomplish your goals.

Experienced in the Agriculture, Construction & Heavy Truck Industries

Between the agriculture, construction, and heavy truck industries, Elkhart Plastics manufactures several thousand diesel fuel tanks each month. In addition to rotationally molding the diesel fuel tanks, we also provide customized secondary assembly services and leak testing to ensure quality.

Services & Equipment

This product is manufactured in our Middlebury, South Bend, Littleton, and Ridgefield plants.

Elkhart Plastics, Inc. performs the following services for diesel fuel tanks:

Diesel Fuel Tank