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Coolers Foam filled for insulation

Premium Coolers and Insulated Boxes

Not only do we manufacture our own line of customizable KONG Coolers, we also work with numerous companies on unique, high-quality coolers and other types of insulated boxes. Elkhart Plastics has years of experience designing and manufacturing insulated boxes for a variety of applications.

KONG Coolers

The KONG Coolers brand was born in 2017 when we decided to try our hand at a line of premium rotomolded coolers. From day one, we identified six key factors that are essential to a professional grade cooler. We then designed a product that is top of its class.

  • Ice Retention: KONG Coolers are third-party tested to retain ice for 10+ days, which is longer than competing rotomolded cooler brands.
  • Durability: KONG Coolers are manufactured with high-grade material and are built with the strongest components.
  • Flexibility: We built a diverse and unique family of accessories designed to allow customers to customize their setup. Most famous are our KONG Kicker, KONG Cut’N Tray, and the KONG Bottle Biter.
  • Safety: KONG Coolers ensures customer safety by only using food-safe materials, achieving bear-resistant construction, and providing an KONG Krush Guards to prevent finger smashing.
  • Environment: KONG Coolers are built to withstand both everyday use and the harshest adventure environments.
  • Value: Made and assembled in the USA, KONG Coolers delivers exceptional value at an affordable price while investing in the local economy.

KONG Coolers are for sale to individual customers at

Custom KONG Coolers & Bulk Ordering

We work with companies and organizations to customize KONG Coolers for special events, company swag, gifts, teams, and more.  We can add custom graphics, handles, and latches to our existing models. Additionally,  the base and lid can be color-matched to your organization’s branding. Learn more about custom KONG Coolers.

KONG Coolers - Insulted with post mold foam
Rotomold Coolers - Insulted with post mold foam and assembly

Custom Cooler Designs

We’ve built numerous uniquely-detailed custom coolers for customers across the country. We’ve built coolers big and small, simple and complex. Our competitive price, consultative approach, and design, manufacturing, and foaming capabilities make us the ideal partner for your project.

Custom Gatorade Cooler

The custom Gatorade cooler commissioned by Gatorade is a 50-quart, rolling cooler with a folding handle suitable for sideline use. Gatorade selected Elkhart Plastics to improve its previous sideline cooler. Working with Tether Design of Seattle, Wash., Gatorade’s design partner, we provided a unique cooler solution.

Since the coolers are used on the sidelines of major sporting events including the NFL and select NCAA football games, the assembly had to be aesthetically pleasing yet rugged. The coolers are regularly televised and must stand up to the elements while retaining ice to keep Gatorade stored at a refreshing temperature.

Comprised of a rotomolded basin, lid, and handle, the assembly itself is simple yet involved as it includes advanced foaming fixtures for insulation. The rotomolded components provide sturdiness while enabling smaller volumes to be manufactured at a lower cost.

Custom Leer Cooler

Leer (a division of Truck Accessory Group) came to us with an idea for a custom cooler to sell to their customer base at retail locations and online. The Elkhart Plastics’ team worked directly with Leer to design a cooler that fit the bill from a quality, aesthetic, and budgetary standpoint, in a timeframe that fit Leer’s needs.