WNDU visited our Middlebury plant on Wednesday, Oct. 11, for their “Luring Workers” spot. We are currently in need of at least 20 workers. Filling those positions is difficult with the low unemployment rate in Elkhart County, so we are promoting ourselves in new ways! We welcomed Elkhart County eighth graders in as part of Manufacturing Week in the hopes of showing them the opportunities we offer. Watch and read the story below. Be sure to share our career opportunities, too!

"Luring Workers" story from WNDU featuring Elkhart Plastics

“Luring Workers” story from WNDU featuring Elkhart Plastics

Elkhart County workforce plan will follow path of hurricanes

There’s a plan in place to aggressively and immediately attack Elkhart County’s labor shortage.

The plan calls for filling open local positions with folks who now live far away.

“We’ve got to start telling Elkhart County’s story outside of our region. I think, you know, the viewership knows things are going really well here but I wonder do people in southern Indiana, or West Virginia, or Florida or Texas, do they know how great things are in this region?” asked Mark Dobson, Executive Director of Elkhart County’s Economic Development Corporation.

In August, Elkhart County had the lowest unemployment rate in the State of Indiana (3 percent) and an estimated number of unfilled positions as high as 20,000.

“We have about 140 direct labor people right now,” said Susan Droptiny, Human Resources Director at Elkhart Plastics, “We could fill 20 more positions if we had the workers.”

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